The Silversmith

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Jeff McDougall, a member of the 'NAMGIS' FIRST NATION was born in Alert Bay, British Columbia, into a family of tradition and noble stature. His mother, Christine Scow, daughter of Hereditary Chief Sam Scow, is greatly respected by the people of the Kwakiutl Nation. This nobility entitles Jeff to utilize numerous crest designs such as the Bear, Killer Whale, Thunder Bird, Sisiutl and Wolf. Being a Kwakiutl Indian depicts a vision and inspires Jeff to create and become a part of his art. Jeff currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, with his wife and son. He offers originality, uniqueness and quality wearable art that is symbolic of a mystical connection with nature.

The Weaver

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Rose Jurisich is graduated from University of Alberta with a degree in Education, she taught Junior High School for over 30 years. Weaving, felting and embroidery (both by hand and by machine) are her passions. Rose began weaving in 1971 in Vancouver and has taken numerous courses in weaving, design embroidery, felting, painting, yard dying and historical uses of dyes. She has won numerous awards: Seattle (1993) -- Most Innovative use of Traditional Weave along with People’s Choice Award, Second Place in a fashion show at Northwest Weavers’ conference in Red Deer (2007) and many other local awards. Rose works form her own studio at Lethbridge, Alberta and produces handcrafted pure wool scarves, hand dyed accessories, hand-felted silk pocket squares, and other items.